Hi, I’m Paul Olah.

I am the Founder of Pual Olah Consulting & Kapow Marketing a digital marketing company. We help entrepreneurs and business owners get the advice, tools and resources needed to succeed online marketing.

I have been an entrepreneur since I was a kid going door to door selling seeds and cards, and a serial entrepreneur since. I have been selling online since the late 90’s with sales of as much as 6 Million Dollars from the internet.

One of the major discoveries I realized was that I did not own my customer traffic flow, someone else did. This is why I became a digital marketer, to help small businesses be in control of generating their own leads, which means your in-control of your money.

My goal is to give you a fast track to online success by giving you what’s working (and not working) for me and my clients so you can cut years off of your learning curve and fast forward your business.

Paul Olah